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March 17, 2009

Denver, Colorado

January 4, 1985

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Hodgkins Lymphoma

August, 2008

Stage 4


How hard it is to get rid of.

To be honest about how I'm feeling, to take good care of my self

After successful radiation to the chest, doctors' found it had metastasized to my abdominal lymph nodes.

Yup, it's staying, I think.

Most notably, I was itching horribly, and I lost 25+ lbs. Also, I wasn't sleeping and had vivid nightmares and night sweats when I did. I had a lumpy neck, fatigue, a cough that lasted for months, and finally, my left lung had collapsed (which lead to the diagnosis).

Received 5 weeks of localized radiation to the chest

Trying to shrink tumors down to nil before going ahead with stem cell transplant. I now will be needing an outside donor transplant.

Brentuximab (2012-2015)- Caused me to stay alive and feel somewhat normal again, and a little tingling in my feet. Opdivo (2016 to present)- No side effects, other than I'm still alive


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